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July 6th, 2012

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Misunderstanding the hot water market, more and more varieties, choose what kind of a rational consumer. Now several major categories of solar water heaters, main function and adapt to geographical listed below, a reasonable choice, both to save money and chic.
    ☆ flat plate solar water heaters, water production, which will help to clean, high thermal efficiency is combined with the building product of choice. But not frost, when the ambient temperature of 0 ℃ not work, widely used in non-freezing region, more than 90 percent of the foreign user to use this product (flat-panel water heater through the transformation of the anti-cold).
    ☆ vacuum tube solar water heaters, high borosilicate glass vacuum tube invented by Yin Zhiqiang, Professor, mainly in China, with some frost ability, can work as usual in the environment of -15 ℃.
    ☆ heat pipe solar water heater vacuum tube solar collector with heat transfer catheter can, because of the increased heat transfer medium, the thermal efficiency of a certain loss. The advantages of pipe water, and never fouling, suitable for cold regions.
    Of the three water heaters, both pressure and non pressure points. The pressure also tank and collector separation, the organic integration of solar water heaters and buildings. Pressure hot water pressure and water pressure equivalent to the bath more comfortable, non-pressure hot water water water pressure compared to the natural drop of water pressure per meter gap between the water pressure is 0.1kg. Pressurized higher than the cost of non-pressurized, the prices are naturally thin.
    When you purchase, be sure to buy according to your region, housing appearance and need to determine what species, what size water heater, change the following misconceptions:
    A heat pipe vacuum tube solar air conditioner is a new generation of products. Some companies starting their own economic interests Branch blind propaganda. Plate and vacuum tube collectors are the different types of two products, there is no first generations Overall, the thermal efficiency of the tablet and with the buildings the combination of better than a vacuum tube. Antifreeze solar water heater with a broader market.

    2, the higher the price, the better the quality. Select water heater is recommended to determine the right products, not to what species the highest price on what to buy. For example, a friend of Guangzhou to buy sets of heat pipe solar water heater, the price is almost twice that of the vacuum tube water heater with specifications, three times that of the flat plate solar water heater, in fact, the kinds of waste. Because of the heat pipe is developed for anti-cold, thermal efficiency is also nearly flat, vacuum tube water heater. Of course, if you need the pressure to use the heat pipe is another matter. Non-freezing region the use of plate or vacuum tube water heater to fully meet the need.

    3, pipe the bigger the better. Solar water heater collector effectiveness and quality and the size of the tube does not contact. On the contrary, the greater the tube is more likely to stay hot water pipe memory, a direct impact on the effective use of hot water. The daily water heater Nissan water tank capacity is limited.

    4, the water heater the same size. Solar water heaters, water production is fixed, it directly affects the size effect of energy saving, safety. In other words, solar water heaters must have adequate water for family needs. Solar hot water tank insulation of the day, ever use hot water can be used the next day, if the next day, rainy days, the amount of conventional energy is much less, it reached more to save money. So, what criteria determine the specifications of the water heater you need it? Guangdong, for example, it is recommended that this standard: use the shower, per person water ≥ 50kg, if the bathtub, 150kg / cylinder. Reached the total amount of water to adapt to the water heater specifications. If your house is a villa or special requests, please commissioned by manufacturers in particular production, in order to get the greatest degree of aesthetics and applicable.

new trends in the solar industry towards the era of energy-efficient

July 6th, 2012

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Following the refrigerators, washing machines and household electrical appliances such as the formal implementation of energy efficiency standards, solar water heater industry is also developing energy efficiency standards. Pasted on the solar water heater energy efficiency labeling, will consumers buy water heaters provide a reference.
China solar energy heat utilization industry coalition s executive director Luo Zhentao 22 in Beijing revealed that the formulation of national energy efficiency standards of the solar water heater industry has entered a formal preparatory stage, and identified 61 companies for product sampling, provide the basis for the final determination of the energy efficiency standards.

Luo Zhentao held today in response to solar energy efficiency standard-setting Japanese Leader energy-efficient solar note "made the above remarks.

Solar energy industry in recent years, rapid development in our country. As of the end of 2007, the national promotion of rural solar water heater of 42.86 million square meters, 14.68 million square meters of solar houses, solar cookers 1.12 million units.

To promote the healthy development of the pressurized solar water heater   industry, Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments in recent years to develop the industry s energy-efficiency labeling on the agenda by the Chinese Institute of Standardization and solar Professional Committee co-chaired the development of standards of the project.

Energy-efficient is always our goal. "Solar water heater system-wide endothermic insulation Wang Hui Yu, general manager of the Jiangsu Japanese Leader solar energy efficiency standards for solar water heaters In addition to quality higher requirements, to develop and implement will be easy for consumers to choose different products, competition in the market more orderly.

The experts pointed out that, along with solar water heater industry into the era of energy-efficient, the industry will be the cause of energy conservation to make greater contributions.

solar thermal utilization Development Platform for eight of the Interpretation and Postscript

July 6th, 2012

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First, a major goal, including the two elements. To promote the production target: solar water heaters by 2020 population of 500 million square meters, equivalent to per thousand 333 square meters / thousand, saving coal 075 million tons, saving 20 billion kWh of carbon dioxide emissions of 160 million tons. Only energy-saving one to 2.5, the amount of the total power generation of Three Gorges. 2020 the annual output is expected to reach 105 million square meters, to solve social employment of nearly ten million. Another major goal is to enhance the goal: to 2015, the formation of the 10 annual output of over 3 million m2 with independent intellectual property rights, modern equipment, internationally competitive large enterprises, greatly enhance the industrial concentration.

Two, the second largest system of escort. (1) quality assurance system is further improved. Including the system of technical standards, testing and certification system. 16 national standards in the technical standard system only water heater, forming a basic system, beginning in 2009 to further improve the re-enacts the 15 national standards, including a national compulsory standards – energy efficiency grading standards. Testing and certification system in addition to the two testing center in Beijing, Wuhan and Beijing, a product certification center, the provincial and municipal testing center for solar energy products quality assurance has also played a certain escort role; ② product market chain system, including raw materials – spare parts – the whole machine production – network marketing – service pipes, to ensure that industry and orderly development.

Third, the three industry team formed to highlight the industry level. With the use of solar thermal industry, particularly the water heater market, the commercialization process, the industry has formed the ranks of the three major industries, they are inter-division and promote each other and play to their own initiative. Three industry team includes: ① solar thermal facilitate product manufacturing team, according to incomplete statistics domestic thousands of companies, hundreds of thousands of industrial team for the market to continue to provide the market demand for products; ② The second team is standing on the front end of product market chain equipment, accessories industrial team, they provide a guarantee for the whole integration of solar thermal products provide tremendous support to upgrade the production of manufactured goods; ③ third branch team is the one with the customer closely linked to the huge demand for marketing services team, millions of people. They are not only responsible for all aspects of engineering design, installation, service work, and played a good role for the use of solar thermal products popularizing.

4, the four major markets (the outline of three markets) move the vehicle speed. The year 2008 solar thermal industry sales solar air conditioners up to 43 billion yuan, which the domestic market total sales 97%. Domestic market including the three major markets: namely ① rural household market; (2) solar building market; (3) central heating market, which, the domestic household market accounts for more than 60 percent of the market share; ④ the international market reached $ 130 million in 2008, 2010 exports will be further increased to $ 150 million.

Five, five major production base expansion. They are: Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Anhui region. In Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang traditional solar thermal producing province, Henan, Anhui region due to rapid market development, in addition to a small number of local enterprises, mainly in Jiangsu, Shandong, Beijing and other large-scale backbone enterprises such as Emperor Ming Sang music, force Norit, Four Seasons song Mu, the broad light, the Sunshine Company to enter the Central Plains. In addition to their inherent base to further expand the plant area, equipment upgrades, expanding production, they reduce logistics costs have factories in the Central Plains region, making it the fifth largest domestic production base.

Six, six positive reforms. ① financial incentives to mobilize entrepreneurs enthusiasm. Including the national level, the export tax rebate, income tax benefits, 8% advertising fee into the cost; ② Jiangsu, Hainan, Henan, Shandong, Fuzhou, Xingtai some provinces and municipalities in the implementation of the Renewable Energy Law has made solar water heaters mandatory in new buildings installation policy; ③ The new technology, new equipment innovation. Such as Beijing Shunyi an automatic flat-plate collector absorber plate magnetron sputtering process and equipment developed per minute to produce 2m length, width 1.2m, the absorption rate, firing rate reached international advanced level. As another example, Shenyang production of automatic glass vacuum tube automatic coating production line, saving manpower 60 percent, saving 30%, the annual output of 3 million; the ④ practitioners businesses to raise quality. In addition to industry associations in conjunction with relevant agencies continue to organize labor workers business training, vacuum tube manufacturing business training, standard Publicizing and marketing expert lectures, activities, local and far know the training of staff, in addition to their The backbone of the business to send out to study or outside experts to come in training, has also set up different types of solar schools to train reserve personnel; ⑤ provincial and municipal preferential policies to promote market development. Such as investment in the Government of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission in Beijing, Shunyi District, all boarding schools to install solar water heaters, solar hot water heating initiative demonstration project; investment in Pinggu District, Beijing Yongkang regional government to encourage the promotion of solar water heaters in rural areas the introduction of each water heater government grants to 500 yuan ranging from incentive policies; (6) solar water heaters as the "home appliances products, greatly enhance the social reputation of the solar water heater and recognize Ken degrees.

Seven, the seven major problems or obstacles unsatisfactory. ① comprehensive national solar water heaters and building combined with preferential policies have not yet introduced; ② solar water heaters are not included in the catalog of energy-saving products to enjoy the relevant preferential policies; ③ small-scale enterprises, industry concentration is low, less than one hundred of the backbone enterprises in the thousands of companies ; ④ corporate R & D capabilities backward, serious product homogeneity; the ⑤ seminars, exhibitions and other activities of the different names too much, too messy; the ⑥ part of corporate executives, especially in the dislocation of the concept of brand awareness of small business executives, The practice of corporate internal strength to fight for the Government Certificate, but the society to buy fake certificates, false honor, interfere with the market; ⑦ local protection phenomenon, especially deposit, to some extent hinder market-oriented principle of fair competition.

Eight, eight development areas should conceive Li Huang. Mentioned in the outline of the essentials of the eight content is to expand the field of solar thermal utilization, the requirements as soon as possible all over the country on the basis of a large number of demonstration projects to expand the demonstration and the direction of industrialization. Eight development content can be summarized as follows: ① efficient solar flat-plate collector industrial production; ② solar central heating design software based, modular components, run intelligent; (3) high-rise building balcony bar plate double-loop (or single-loop) points body of household solar hot water system development use; ④ building solar hot water heating to expand the demonstration and promotion; ⑤ air heating technology R & D and industrialization, expanding the field of solar farm and sideline products, cash crops and dry applications, and passive solar house heating; ⑥ solar high-temperature collectors, solar cooker development, especially the development of medium temperature collectors. Will pull solar water medium temperature applications, desalination and other applications market is rapidly expanding; the ⑦ non pressure solar water heater  industry and agriculture applications engineering development and promotion, especially the field of printing and dyeing industry, food industry and agriculture raise species colonization, etc., as soon as possible to promote the existing hot water, such as printing and dyeing development capital, technology and experience of the oil pipeline heating and demonstration projects; ⑧ solar air conditioning and heat power generation technology research and development, Development Reserve for the use of solar thermal.

energy-efficient solar energy industry will become the new standard

July 6th, 2012

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National "renewable energy and long-term development plan" put forward, to 2010, the total collector area of ??solar street lights  reached 150 million square meters, instead of about 20 million tons of standard coal; 2020, the total collector area of ??300 million square meters, alternative about 50 million tons of standard coal, with a total of more than 300 billion yuan. To realize this energy saving target, must be high quality, energy-efficient products to support.

Become a global focus, while the situation of energy saving, low-carbon economy, low energy consumption, energy-efficient products, more and more consumers. Solar water heaters, energy saving and environmentally friendly products, like home appliances also can effect the level of points. The first to introduce energy-efficient solar energy companies in the industry standard Jiangsu Japanese Leader solar energy company chairman Wang Hui Yujie Shao said, "The energy efficiency of solar water heaters is in the same environment, the amount of hot water heater, you are more energy-efficient products, and vice versa are low energy efficiency, energy efficiency of low solar brands on the market today, mainly just to stay in the level of unilateral heat retaining or endothermic.

The new standard leading industrial upgrading

Currently, China s solar water heater business up to more than 5,000 popular but inefficient solar products in the market. This situation and on the solar energy company as early as six years ago on the establishment of the Solar Energy Research Institute, specifically how to improve the thermal efficiency of solar research, solar energy efficiency is the first concern enterprise in early 2008, after more than five years of research, in The solar thermal industry first proposed and established solar water heaters, energy-efficient systems standards, together with a corresponding energy-efficient solar series products, solar water heater manufacturing technology from the unilateral endothermic or unilateral heat retaining stage, the introduction of new high-tech field system to improve the conversion efficiency of solar thermal, solar water heater "heat, fast heat conduction, heat retaining" system-wide heat-absorbing insulation, energy efficiency ratio reached a new high-value energy efficiency than the level of standards to judge the merits of solar performance.

Into the era of energy-efficient

The development of solar water heaters in China has gone through two eras, before the 1998 production of vacuum tubes as a standard product age, 2008 years ago to unilaterally enhance the vacuum tube technology standards and unilateral tank insulation standard is characterized by the endothermic or Hot Time. But the escalating phase of the two stages are solar water heater technology, unilateral endothermic or heat can not be achieved the highest energy efficiency of solar water heaters. Japanese Leader solar energy-efficiency standards and energy-efficient solar products launched to lead the solar industry from the era of unilateral endothermic or heat across to the era of energy-efficient.

To promote industrial upgrading, recently launched by the National Solar Standardization Technical Committee and the Chinese Solar Energy Industry Association, energy efficiency grade, has entered a stage of energy efficiency standards. Expected next year, add energy efficiency grading mark on the solar energy products, and as a national mandatory standards implemented in the country. Response to solar energy efficiency standard-setting Japanese Leader s solar Committee for Standardization of this energy-efficient solar seminars, attended the meeting held in Beijing, China solar thermal industry alliance, Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is responsible for the national non pressure solar water heater  per capita, energy efficiency standards for solar water heaters in addition to the higher requirements for quality outside, once developed and implemented, consumers will be able to more consumer confidence, not standard brands and businesses will face the fate of being eliminated, energy-efficient solar energy will dominate the market, solar water heater industry into the era of energy-efficient, it will make a greater contribution to the cause of energy conservation in China.

solar water heater market competition, confusion many hidden

July 6th, 2012

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 Market competition is a bit messy

    An industry insider told the reporter, this phenomenon is very common in the solar industry. Some private entrepreneurs and even with five or more brand and company. On the surface, these enterprises are operated separately, but the product is indeed in the same factory production manufacturing, product R & D and production workers are also the same team. The person familiar with the image of the metaphor, this is a team of multiple brands under one roof, to save costs but can broaden the market space.

    It is understood that the solar energy industry is an emerging area in the last 10 years developed its market is very competitive. Due to the low barriers to entry, the national enterprise engaged in the manufacture of solar water heaters up to more than 1,000, not including registered solar hands of the workshop. The rapid development of these enterprises, promote the industry and the market bigger, it also brings the order of market competition is not standardized, which made many of the industry s pioneer and nurture those who are more worried about.

    In fact, due to the particularity of pressurized solar water heater  products, we must require the manufacturing and installation of aftermarket and try. On the one hand, product types and sizes are not suitable for large-scale mass production; the other hand, directly determines the installation of aftermarket product sales and marketing, it also gives the development of many small solar companies to provide survival space. China Solar Thermal Industry Alliance chairman Luo Zhentao said, some small solar companies, only a year to sell thousands of sets of products, but can also survive. This also reflects the fact from one side, Huang, sun, rain and other industry leaders in the short term, large-scale expansion, price reshuffle to enhance the industry barriers to entry will be eliminated in some SMEs.

    An industry source told reporters, multi-brand operation of many enterprises in the industry stronger, they have accumulated a relatively good resources in the development process, such as product development, marketing and installation services.

    Leader in clever layout

    A Four Seasons song Mu Solar Co., Ltd. registered in Beijing, Jiangsu Sun Rain New Energy Group, headquartered in Lianyungang, its chairman Xu New. New, but the general manager of the two companies and another person as chairman of both companies are Xu. Which Beijing Four Seasons song Mu Solar Co., Ltd. President Li Jun Li, previously vice president of Sun Rain Group. Although the company registered in Beijing, Li Chun, the offices in Lianyungang, their contact information to Lianyungang.

    The survey found that in the solar industry take the lead in the implementation of multi-brand operation is Emperor Ming Group. Led by Emperor Ming Huang Ming Solar to create a precedent for China s solar thermal market-oriented operation. However, due to the low barriers to entry, resulting in many small and medium enterprises in the industry is mature quickly spoiler, there are many short-term speculators, posed a great risk to the industry. An industry source revealed that if the spread of this trend of disorderly competition go, Huang Ming is very possible to be reduced to the industry many small and medium sedan chair role, so to win the "wait for the water was boiled dumplings" business opportunities .

    Subsequently, a company called Shandong Yijia Solar Co., Ltd. in the rapid rise of Qinghua Sun, Yang Hua, Huang Ming-led market competition. Japan s Canon 2003 billion Canon "trade mark to goods and Japan s" Canon "trademark similar to the Chinese trademark authorities filed a protest, to allow people to focus once again look to the billion Canon emerging solar companies who. Shandong, one hundred million solar Co., Ltd., general manager Yang Zhongxing, this person had the Group s vice president Huang Ming, from the shop floor employees has been to do business executives several times by Huang Ming case outreach as a classic of human resources training. In addition, Emperor Ming Group also has a sub-brand called "Ou Dike". Compared to when handling one hundred million very low-key relationship with the imperial Ming Group, Ou Dike brand birth was Emperor Ming Group high-profile publicity.

solar water heaters: Opportunities more

July 6th, 2012

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Appliances to the countryside works greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the consumption of the appliance market in rural areas. Survey in Hubei and Jiangxi, the reporter found that the solar water heater has become the most rural consumers, following the color TV, refrigerator. In particular, was officially included in the scope of the appliances to the countryside, a surge of consumer undercurrent in the rural market is the rapid formation. 21tyn · com

In Hubei, in recent years with the improvement of farmers income, the rural consumer demand for solar water heaters has become increasingly evident, the market is developing very quickly. The end of 2007, the reporter learned that a village survey in Suizhou Tangzhen s only a village families to install solar water heaters, but the beginning of this year, reporters once again came to the village interview, that families install solar water heaters have five. Villagers Huang also installed in time for New Year s one, he told reporters that the conditions are good, and should also improve the improvement of living conditions, the previous winter, take a bath too much trouble, see the others home improvement solar water heater, installed a It took more than 2000 yuan, but still very satisfied with the hot water at any time, no longer have to worry about a bath for the winter. Solar Energy Industry Association

Huang where the village a total of more than 50 families, the reporter learned that, due to the influence of the cascade effect, almost all families are very optimistic about solar water heaters, more than half of the families expressed the desire to purchase. When informed that the national solar water heater has been included in the plan of home appliances to the countryside, can be purchased to enjoy the financial subsidy, 25% of households expressed their willingness to purchase during the year. 21tyn.cn

The desire of the rural consumers of solar hot water heater, China Rural Energy Industry Association, Zhu said he was very understanding. He said that the solar water heater from a global perspective, more in rural use, consumer incomes in China, the urban than rural areas, the promotion of solar water heaters in China started from the city. The same level of economic development, urban development of solar water heaters more difficult than in rural areas. In the long run, whether solar or wind energy, focus should be in rural areas, rural areas with a broader land, but also has more energy. Of 300 million rural households, the vast majority still rely on burning straw, firewood and other ways to boil water for cooking, not only causes air pollution, but also serious damage to vegetation, threatening the ecological environment. Zhu, solar water heater subsidy policy will certainly enhance the purchasing power of rural consumers, and will effectively promote the development of rural solar water heater market, will also promote the rapid development of the new energy industry. Confusion in the market into a bottleneck 21tyn · cn

Solar water heater to the countryside is a great opportunities for developing the rural market, but the chaos of the market status quo can not be ignored, and this confusion is becoming a great obstacle to the countryside. Reporter survey found that rural solar water heater market counterfeit products flooding is serious. In Huang s village, have installed solar water heaters which only 1 is a well-known brand, the remaining four are brand-name products, the reporter never heard of. Coincided with the villagers Zhang home in the village interview, solar water heater problems, installers come rework. Reporter see the Zhang home improvement products is the subject of the Emperor Ming, but left the address and telephone number are not the Emperor Ming. Installation workers, said: "Emperor Ming of the tube, but all of Wong Ming products too expensive, other unimportant parts with other brands. Installation workers also told reporters that many rural solar water heaters are so assembled . When the reporter asked them to install training, was told: "the boss to demo, very simple, look at the manual, on her own pondering will not need training, we are also local farmers, it is impossible went to the factory training. "21tyn

In addition, the price of solar water heaters in rural market is very chaotic, regular product prices are generally three or four thousand brand-name products only 2,000 yuan cheap to more than 1000 yuan. A solar water heater vendors told reporters that rural consumers are more emphasis on price, brand-name products too expensive, did not sell well, the majority of rural consumers prefer cheap products, and do not consider the brand aftermarket very consider. 21tyn.cn

According to related statistics, China s existing solar water heater manufacturers, more than 5000 output value 100 million yuan, only 10 of the top 10 market share do not add up to more than 20 percent, the vast majority of market share lies in the hands of brand-name companies. These brand-name companies are generally on low price, low quality of survival, their products are mainly aimed at the rural market, this brand this year, next year may be replaced by another one. 21tyn.cn

Shandong a solar energy company executives told reporters that they had conducted a survey in rural areas, are equipped with solar water heaters in the north many farmers on the roof, looks the promotion of solar energy products, universal good, but carefully inquire only to find most of them were abandoned, because the use was soon broken, maintenance or to find people, or too expensive. The official pointed out that the products sold to rural consumers should be more durable, rugged, but the present situation is generally lower in rural sales, product quality, after-sale protection, consumers infringement is widespread, greatly hurt rural consumers, consumer enthusiasm for solar water heaters. 21tyn.com

Solar water heater factory is only a semi-finished products, the installation of aftermarket services such as very demanding, but the vast majority of solar energy companies do not have a national and in-depth network of services in rural areas, after-sales service is difficult to guarantee. Chinese home appliances market research group recently released "Chinese solar water heater market competition investigation report" shows that only 16% of the users on the use of very satisfied or satisfied, not satisfied with 35% of users expressed satisfaction with 49% of users said . The expert opinion of solar water heaters – take a good countryside road must break the five tests 21tyn · cn

Confusion in the market status quo of the solar water heater system industry, the experts agreed that in an interview with reporters: solar water heater to go the road of the countryside, we must regulate the market as soon as possible, past five checkpoints. 21TYN.COM

Standard off solar water heater prolonged absence of national standards, the whole industry in the size of the workshop gathered and inferior products flooding situation. 2003 edition of Solar national standards is not mandatory, content emphasis on performance indicators in the factory, the lack of long-term reliability requirements, resulting in normal performance of many products at the factory but the use of problem, but also far to the life cycle can not use a serious impact on the reputation of the whole industry. 21TYN.COM

Second, the quality of quality related to the lifeblood of the industry, the development of solar water heater industry is not standardized, the world leader in the industry, there are over 5000 shoddy technology is weak, the quality of consciousness small businesses. In addition, most companies only provide the host (water tank, frame, vacuum tubes), supporting piping, insulation, accessories, mixing with water apparatus by dealers from market purchases, and can not guarantee the quality, leaving a great deal of use risks, only individual enterprises a full set of host and attachment system, the countryside can not only can provide a full range of system manufacturers to participate in the use of rural users is a hidden danger. 21tyn

Service off the solar water heater, unlike other home appliances to buy back directly can be used, it is a semi-finished products are sold must pass a rigorous, standardized installation in order to ensure ease of use, installation is not good no end of trouble. However, the vast majority of solar energy companies do not have a network of national and in-depth services in rural areas, there is no guarantee after-sales service. www.21tyn.com

, Durable off rural water quality is generally poor, more sediment, varying pH, solar water heaters in 2012, prone to liner scaling, corrosion and other phenomena, especially in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei and other places, serious there may even be interior rust through leakage, the whole scrap, it is necessary to enhance its durability.

solar water heaters on in the field of hope

July 6th, 2012


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The pace of development and growth of the scale of the solar water heater in the Chinese market, beyond the imagination of many people. Compared with electric water heaters and gas water heater to the development of more than 20 years of history in the domestic market, market-oriented promotion of solar water heaters less than 10 years, but the emergence of the imperial Ming, the Four Seasons song Mu, Hua Yang, Sunshine, one hundred million to a number of brand and large-scale enterprises.

Marketing vice president Li Jun of Beijing Four Seasons song Mu Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. revealed in the interview with this reporter, the Four Seasons song Mu from entering the market the initial establish a high-end positioning of the two major markets of rural and urban layout, actively focus on product upgrades, perfect service, marketing innovation, "the three major characteristics to expand the market differences in layout. Just a few years time, the Four Seasons song Mu Emperor Ming in the market competition has been, regardless of the Chung Pak, largely due to the enterprises in the innovation of products and technologies, such as the launch of a new urban high-rise residential wall-mounted solar research and development with the appointment heating, automatic water, all-wise Control of competitive products.

Despite the financial crisis broke out last year, but the impact of solar water heater is not large. Li Jun said, the Four Seasons song Mu low-rise residential building products matching the second updates on the individual market opportunities as well as commercial projects, not only can compensate for the decline of the local market, but also brings new growth.

In addition, as the main battlefield of the pressurized solar water heater   business, the demand for the 34 market has been supporting the rapid development of domestic solar water heater business. The reporter was informed that in recent years, the domestic brands, including Four Seasons song Mu, Yang Hua, Huang Ming, a great share of sales accounted for in the rural market. Last year, the Four Seasons song Mu in the rural market share of sales up to 65%. This greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of enterprises to enter the rural market.

In order to better develop the rural market, to maximize the market share of strong opponents, many of the water heater companies have launched personalized marketing initiatives for the rural market. Emperor Ming specifically in the rural market to establish a collective solar water heaters bathroom. Four Seasons song Mu breakthrough in the service, the implementation of a set of pre-piping design, the sale of water and electricity cables, after-sales periodic inspection and other large service system. However, the short term in some parts of the rural market, subject to the limitations of centralized water supply, living habits and other factors, the scope of application of solar water heaters are still subject to certain limitations.

However, due to the later development of solar water heater products in the domestic market, government authorities and consumer awareness of this product is not enough despite the State Council has long been clear since February 1, water heaters included in the catalog of home appliances, completely. Resulting in many provinces and cities the option to add to the countryside products, none of the solar water heater included in the tender of the countryside products.

However, there are exceptions. The reporter was informed Beijing on the 12th of this month, the first in the country launched a solar vacuum tubes  products to the countryside tendering exercise, commissioned by the China Electronics Import and Export Corporation, the country through open tender, the tender will be held on March 10 deadline. Gansu Province launched the standard tender in circulation water heater products to the countryside ". Next, do not rule out a good foundation for the development of solar water heater in Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces and cities will start to the countryside to work on this product.

air source heat pump or a water heater, the direction of development

July 6th, 2012

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Caught in a lack of demand, huge stock market downturn on the occasion, associated with the HVAC industry, air source heat pump water heater industry to buck the trend active in the HVAC industry. Recently, the advertising of the United States and the heat pump hot water frequently broadcast on CCTV prime time Yangtze air-conditioning energy conservation forum held at the end of the 4th generation of innovative heat pump water heaters, — Priest air hot water, series Derbyshire Rick followed held a dealer meeting to promote green home appliances — air source water heater, Gree recently around vigorously training dealer sales and service network layout. Air source water heater industry is is contrarian active, with the continued downturn in the HVAC industry formed a great contrast.

The solar air conditioners pump products with energy efficient features

Air source heat pump hot water unit is one of the pioneering use of energy the best equipment in the world today, is taken following a new generation of boiler, gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heaters, hot water system installations and equipment. Growing tension in the global energy supply, environment, air source heat pump water heaters with energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, easy to install many advantages in the market quickly recognized by consumers, as an energy saving and environmental protection of new industries .

According to experts, air source heat pump hot water unit is the reverse Carnot cycle principle, by virtue of a special refrigerant to absorb heat in the air, this refrigerant to absorb heat into a gas, after the compressor to the compressed volume into a high-temperature gases, high temperature gas for heat exchange, and water and then heating the water needed hot water. The advantage is that, through the heat transfer working fluid with a small battery powered compressor air of low temperature heat absorbed in a high temperature heat after compactor, making the required hot water energy consumption is relatively small, so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection purpose.

It is estimated that the use of air source heat pump hot water products, usually put into 1,000 watts of energy, the user can get more than 4000 watts of heat, the thermal efficiency of 400%, lower than the overall energy consumption of solar water heaters, and the product is not released to the outside world waste gas, waste water, waste, can be said is an ideal "green technology", in line with the call of the national green, energy saving, environmental protection. It should be said that the air source water heater represents the future development direction of the water heater.

Energy saving and environmental protection supported by the Government

In view of the significant energy saving and environmental protection, social effects of air source heat pump water heating products, its taken the active support and encouragement policies. First in a short time on the launch of the industry GB, to promote the process of criteria to guide it. May 1, 2008, the national standards of the commercial or industrial use and similar purposes, heat pump water heater promulgated a reference to the production of commercial heat pump water heater and installation works, on the business practices within the industry play a guiding and regulatory role. GB, at the same time, improve industry access threshold, and help to improve the technical level of the industry as a whole, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

Secondly, all levels of government subsidies support the air source heat pump water heater and other energy-saving environmental projects in the capital. According to Li Yongli, Secretary General of the Professional Committee of Ningbo Municipal Energy Association market, the Ningbo Municipal Government, similar to air source hot water energy saving projects such as, after receiving the user to apply according to the procedures for acceptance, you can enjoy 20% subsidy of the project cost. Ningbo Municipal Government subsidies on local air source heat pump hot water and energy saving and environmental protection projects in 2008 reached more than 4500 million in 2009, will increase the intensity of subsidies. Local governments in the treatment of energy-saving products projects basically have taken a similar Ningbo encourage and support policy.

Because the Government s active encouragement and strong support, coupled with the gradual recognition of the community on energy-saving effect of air source heat pump water heating products, air source heat pump water heater has experienced several years of the initial stage, the group has entered a period of rapid growth. According to the central air-conditioning market, "the magazine market research shows that, in the first half of 2008, the air source heat pump water heater market is the continued rapid growth. Heat pump water heater industry s total sales of about 700 million yuan in 2007, total sales in 2008 expected to exceed 1.2 billion yuan, an increase of more than 70%, the market prospect is very wide.

Industry is the rapid early stages of development

According to one industry expert said, has now entered the industry, manufacturers of air source heat pump hot solar powered hot water heater has reached as many as 300. Manufacturers to enter the air source heat pump hot water industry engaged in manufacturing, including four basic aspects: First, the central air-conditioning companies. Refrigeration, Gree, Tsinghua Tong Fang, Guangdong Yu and other enterprises, such as the United States; home air conditioning companies. Such as the Derbyshire Rick, the Yangzi air conditioning, Guangdong, with benefits; three solar energy companies. The five-star such as Dongguan, Shenzhen universally light, sunny Seoul, Shenzhen, Anhui date source; four energy-saving equipment companies. Such as energy-saving Rui mother, Yunnan Huaneng, Jiangxi Anyuan, etc. many enterprises.

After three years of market development, the outline of the air source heat pump hot water industry has been uncertain. At present, the air source heat pump water heater manufacturers and the market is concentrated in the south of the Yangtze River. The main manufacturers are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and Zhuhai as well as the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou, Ningbo area. The consumer market is mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces in the south of the Yangtze River. Market increase rapidly, and gradually extended to the north of the Yangtze River from the south of the Yangtze River. Industry has shown that urban consumption than rural consumption, the characteristics of the group consumption than personal consumption. But the market is still in early development stage, product penetration is still in a very low level, from the development of this sense of space is extremely broad.

The United States accounted for to enter the early advantage, has begun to play the lead role in the industry. As the air conditioning industry s largest brands, Gree is not far behind, not only launched their own products, but also around the training dealers to improve sales and service system, greatly surpass the trend.

Air source heat pump hot water industry in the development period of excitement, but also exposed some of the problems and conflicts are inevitable in the process of development, such as access to corporate strength and ability to uneven, some of the prevalence of short-term behavior, technological homogenization air source water heater products, serious, consumer awareness is low and so on, these issues deserves our serious attention and study, in order to find the law of development of the industry, it really stepped into the track of healthy development.

NSK Bearings common causes of damage and to avoid measures

July 6th, 2012

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An, NSK Bearings long-term overload operation, no periodic maintenance is not timely maintenance, resulting in bearing fatigue damage to the bearings;
 Suggestions: regular maintenance do bearings, timely replacement of aging equipment, bearings.sealed roller bearing
Not timely injection of lubricants or lubricants, choose not suitable for oil or lubricant, lubrication method inappropriate cause damage to the poor bearing lubrication system for bearings;
 Recommendation: Select accurate oil or lubricants, and injection methods.china bearing
 NSK bearing lubricant when using the normal color is brown or blue-black. If the color of the lubricant cream or dark brown, be sure to be promptly replaced.
, Improper installation tools, not in place and other cause damage to improperly installed bearings;
  Recommendations: the use of professional bearing installation tools, testing equipment, the correct installation method.
Fourth, the bearings work environment dirty bearings pollution caused by damage to the bearings;
  Recommendations: do not prematurely torn NSK Bearings packaging before use to ensure that the installation of a clean environment, and bearing cleaning and sealing.angular contact bearings

A nsk bearing installation and removal must be careful

July 6th, 2012

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NSK Bearings installation and maintenance procedures

Different types, different sizes of imported nsk bearings, installation methods and tools are not the same, including mechanical or hydraulic. Here is to explain some common installation methods and precautions.sealed roller bearing
First, do not hard ball on the installation, this will cause local overloading of the ball and the contact surface, resulting in FAGnsk premature bearing failure.
Do not use hard tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and the like beat nsk bearing surface, which would allow the import nsk bearing outer ring fracture or embrittlement.angular contact bearings
Nsk bearings clean
Clean use of the environment is very important for nsk bearing. Importing nsk bearing rings rotate the surface and the rolling element surface roughness accuracy is about 1/10 μm, so smooth ball surface contamination, its impact is very serious. Between the rolling surface of the lubricating layer is usually 0.2 to 1

μm greater than the lubricant particle size, particle type impurity will be rolling element over RCC partial pressure in the Spherical Roller nsk bearing steel, and will eventually lead to permanent material fatigue. In addition to this, the external environment in the dust particle size of up to 10 μm, also reversed heart

Roller nsk bearing damage. Because of this, a clean work environment for imports nsk bearing how important.
Nsk bearing process detection
Hot dry up in the course of induction importing nsk bearing operating temperature, if we find the temperature exceed the specified limit will automatically alarm, to prevent the burning shaft from happening. High temperature often nsk bearing is in an abnormal situation. High temperature is also harmful to nsk bearings

Lubricant. Sometimes nsk bearing overheating can be attributed to the nsk bearing lubricant. Nsk bearing temperature over 125 ℃ long-term even transfer to reduce the nsk bearing life. The reasons include: caused by high temperature nsk bearing may nsk bearing failure lack of lubrication and lubricants, which contain impurities,

Load is too large when it may be FAGnsk bearing internal clearance is not enough oil seal friction, and so on.
nsk bearings installed correctly, affecting the accuracy, longevity, performance. Therefore, the design and assembly departments nsk bearing installation. I hope to be installed in accordance with the operating standards. Operating standards of the project is usually as follows:
(1) Check the size of the associated components and finishing;
(2) installation;
(3) the supply of lubricant.
(4) cleaning nsk bearing nsk bearings associated parts;
(5) nsk bearing is installed after the check;
To be installed, just open nsk bearing packaging. Lubricating oil, general do not have to clean, However, to use clean instruments or high-speed imports nsk bearing oil washed, remove the coating on the nsk bearing rust inhibitor. General grease lubrication, cleaning, direct

Pick to fill grease. Furthermore, the enclosed grease nsk bearings, not washing directly. Nsk bearings, remove the rust inhibitor, rust, and so can not be placed regardless.
Installed on the shell, the general clearance with more than outer ring of the amount of interference, usually pressed into the press, or installed after cooling the shrink fit. Coolant with dry ice to expand and contract with the installation of the occasion, the moisture in the air will condense on the nsk bearing surface. Therefore, the need

To the appropriate anti-rust measures.
Installation method FAGnsk bearing, nsk bearing structure, with different conditions, general, due to multi-axis rotation, the inner ring needs interference fit. The occasion of the tapered bore mounted directly on the taper of the shaft, or sleeve installation. Cylindrical hole nsk bearing, multi-press indentation

Or more hot charging.